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1) Controlled by free APP named eFamilyCloud
2) Controlled by Voice, Working with Amazon Alexa echo and Google Home
3) Can be used to control your own bedside lamp or kitchen light switch for voice control sockets or small appliances that control electronic fireplaces, fans, air cleaners, humidifiers, aquarium oxygenators, and much more
4) One mobile phone can control more sockets, one socket can be controlled by many mobile phone
5) Connected by WiFi or hot spot
6) You could set up one timer or multi-timer
7) 750 ℃ anti-flame retardant shell, leakage protection.
8) You could set up one group to turn on/turn off all the sockets

1) Wireless IEEE standards:WIFI 2.4GHz b/g/n                                                                           

2) Size: 100*60*65mm                                                                                                                

3) Humidity:≤80% RH

4) Material:ABS+PC

5) Voltage range:100-240V AC

6) Max current:16A

7) Wireless frequency:2.4GHz

8) Security type:WEP64/WEP128/TKIP/CCMP(AES)

9) Security mechanism:WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

10)Wireless consuming:≤0.3W

11)Working conditiontemp: -10~45°C

PCBAIsolation program, the use of strong and weak separate, a total of three PCB components, can make WIFI chip more stable. Socket Copper: Thickness 0.8MM, yellow phosphor bronze, conductive performance is better, long-term use will not be a problem Connection: UL AWG16 Shell material: original PC material + original ABS + VO anti-flame material socket hardware structure according to ETL certification design            

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